Do you pick up from and deliver to my door?


Yes. We will pick up your belongings right at your door and upon your return for the new semester, we will deliver your belongings back to you.


Is pick up and delivery available for off-campus locations?


Yes. We do offer pickup and delivery for off-campus locations. There may be an additional charge but only if the delivery is outside of our regular service area.


Do I get to choose the pickup and delivery date and time?


Yes. Our pickup and delivery schedule is very flexible however; a confirmation call will follow the receipt of your booking form to make sure that your preferred time and date have not already been booked.


Is extended storage available?


Yes. We offer both short-term and long-term storage to meet your needs. Quotes are very reasonable and are available upon request.


Is access to my belongings available during the summer?


Yes. Access to your belongings during the off-term is possible but it will require 5 days advanced notice.


Are my items safe and insured against damage or loss?


Yes. All of your items are covered by our company insurance from the moment your things are picked up until the moment they are redelivered to you. In the case of items with great monetary or sentimental value, it is suggested that you retain possession.


Are there any preparations I should make before you pick up my things?


Yes. Please unplug, defrost and drain refrigerators at least 12 hours before pickup time. Please disassemble and secure bed frames as much as you can before we arrive for pickup. Please make sure dresser and desk drawers are empty and securely closed if possible.


Do you provide packing supplies?


Yes. We will provide all of the packing supplies you require. Once you have filled out a Booking Form through our website, we will call you to work out all details including when we can drop off packing supplies for you.


What methods of payment do you accept?


We have updated our service to a STORE NOW…PAY LATER system which means we will now collect payment when we deliver your items back to you. At that time, we can accept cash but we will also bring our portable machine that accepts VISA, MasterCard or Debit Cards. If you wish to make a payment before delivery day, you can visit our website, click on the Make Payment tab and process your payment through PayPal®. PayPal® accepts the following major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. UniversityBoxes.ca does not accept personal cheques. If you wish to make payment on pickup, that option is also available to you.


What if I bring out more or less than I ordered?


You will only be charged for the number of items you store. There is no minimum or maximum number of items that you can put into storage. The number that you put down on your booking form is a guideline so we will know generally how much space we will need in our moving vehicles.


What can I do to make sure pickup runs smoothly?


Please have your items packed and taped up when pickup time arrives. It is very important to know that boxes that are too heavy or very difficult to lift will need to be repacked.Remember that the pickup time is our goal and we do very well at being on time but sometimes extraordinary circumstances arise and we may be delayed. It is best to be ready for pickup approximately 30 minutes prior to the designated time and approximately 60 minutes after the stated time.

"I love the free pickup and delivery services that you guys have. It really saved me a lot of time and stress."

John B, Ryerson Student