Packing Tips


Labeling of your items


Every item should be clearly labeled with your full name when we arrive for pickup. When we get back to the storage building, we will print and apply bright and clearly readable labels to all items but we need to make sure that we can tell the boxes apart before that time.




Please ensure that all boxes are securely taped closed and make sure that you have written your name clearly on the top of each one. Boxes that are over 70 lbs. or are very heavy and difficult to lift will require that you repack them before they will be accepted. A key to packing text books is to put a few in the bottom of several boxes rather than trying to pack all books into a single box. Distribute the weight to save time and hassle.


TVs, Computers and Other Electronic Equipment


We recommend you repack all electronic equipment in the original boxes, if possible. We can supply bubble wrap, upon request, to protect these expensive and sensitive items. If possible, use blankets, towels and dish cloths to wrap up fragile items.

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Nizzi R, Ryerson Student